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RLK Solicitors instruct expert counsel from 3PB Barristers.

These are troubling times for businesses, and despite insurance policies allowing the pursuit of business interruption insurance claims, insurers are declining to indemnify without any reasonable justification. In some of these cases decisions made by the insurer or insurance broker are wrong; they are not paying business interruption claims where the policy in question indicates they should be.

3PB Barristers for Business Interruption Insurance Claims

As a result, we have engaged the services of members of 3PB Barristers in order to tackle insurance companies and save businesses. Neil Fawcett and David Berkley QC (below) have drafted an insightful article on what steps businesses should take, to download the article please click here.

If you want to explore your legal options, please contact us immediately.  We will ask for a copy of your policy to allow us to provide you with a list of options available to your business. We can advise you about making a claim against your insurers via the courts and on the available options for funding your legal costs.

Even if you have been denied cover, we recommend this is revisited as we consider many decisions are wrong.

Fill in the form below and we will be in touch. There is an initial assessment fee of £199 +VAT and if we then believe that you are entitled to bring a claim, we will offer to represent you on a no win no fee basis.

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    Please make sure that your documents contain both the policy schedule and policy wording and that it covers the correct period for 2019/20.

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