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Background to BII Claims / RLK Solicitors.

RLK Solicitors were one of the first solicitors in the UK to consider business interruption insurance claims as a result of COVID-19 and recognised at a very early stage that it would require a fight with insurance companies. At the beginning of March (before COVID-19 was declared a notifiable disease in England and much before the first Government lockdown) RLK Solicitors checked their own insurance policies with different insurers and were unreasonably denied cover.

Identifying this issue very early on we offered our services to our existing clients, including a celebrity chef who later had a lot of press coverage in their campaign for action to support the hospitality sector. A dedicated website was created ( and we partnered with experts in the field including 3 Paper Building Chambers (including QC’s, barristers and a part time judge) and forensic accounts.

Whilst our usual commercial litigation work is carried out on a paid basis, it soon became apparent that businesses could not afford to pay considering the crippling effects COVID-19 and government restrictions had on their business.  Most insurance policies that have cover for diseases are for businesses within the hospitality, beauty and retail sectors which arguably have been the hardest hit because of the government restrictions (being forced to close on numerous occasions and on a limited basis when not).

We, therefore, are willing to offer our services on a no win no fee basis to support businesses in these times of need. We seek to recover our costs, so our client is given credit for such recovery meaning they get the maximum recovery of damages possible on a no win no fee basis.

Upload your policy today and we will be in touch. There is an initial assessment fee of £199 +VAT.

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