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In the majority of cases, yes. If you have risk assessed your business and consider it is unreasonable to remain open at the risk of your employees and/or customers then you are entitled to claim. Furthermore, in some cases you may incur more losses in remaining open but with little custom than if you were to close your business. By doing so you are mitigating your loss.

We are specialists. This is a niche and specialist area of law. You are instructing a highly regarded litigation solicitors who are working with a team of leading barristers, including a QC and part-time Judge. We are assisting hundreds of clients with a case against their insurance company. We are fighting most insurance companies within the UK and therefore have experience of all arguments on all types of cases. We appreciate this will be new and confusing to you and that is why we are here to hold your hand through the process. We are ahead of the curve of other firms, having been one of the first firms in the UK dealing with these claims.

Insurers are declining to indemnify without any reasonable justification. In many of the cases we have been instructed, the decisions made by them are wrong. They are not paying business interruption claims where the policy in question indicates they should be. If we consider you have a case, then we recommend you challenge their decision.

We give you the option to either privately fund this or we are offering funding on a  “no win no fee” basis. Most clients are instructing us on option 1 where you pay nothing up front, but we are entitled to take a percentage of your damages. An alternative option is to fund this matter on a “No Win Low Fee” basis. If you chose that alternative option then you would pay a small amount for an initial assessment fee and we are entitled to take a smaller percentage of your damages. Please note before going to Court we would obtain After The Event (ATE) Insurance and/or Third Party Litigation Funding which would cover both your own costs and the opponent’s costs (including any shortfalls).  In any case, we will seek to recover your legal costs from the insurance company.

All reasonable losses your business has suffered because of COVID-19, subject to the terms and limit of your policy. We will send you a simple questionnaire to complete to assist you when you instruct us to act for you.  

We will review your insurance policy and schedule to consider the merits of your case. If we consider you have a case then we are prepared to act on a no win no fee basis. We have found the majority of decisions by insurance companies / brokers in denying a claim have been wrong.

Leave this to us. Please send a copy of your insurance schedule and insurance policy wording for us to check free of charge. If you do not have a copy then you can ask your insurance broker / insurance company to send you an electronic version to send to us.

Please contact your insurance broker / company and ask them for electronic copies of your insurance schedule and policy wording. As soon as you receive these, please forward to us to review free of charge.

We will review your insurance policy and schedule to consider the merits of your case. If we consider you have a case then we are prepared to act on a no win no fee basis. Depending on the facts of the case it does not matter if COVID-19 did not exist or is not within your insurance policy

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