COVID-19 Business Interruption Insurance Claims

COVID-19 was declared a notifiable disease by the UK Government on 5th March 2020 after the spread of the disease within the United Kingdom.

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Businesses with insurance policies covering business interruption have increasingly found that insurers are reluctant to pay out under the terms of their cover in order to meet growing costs which threaten the survival of businesses nationwide and the livelihoods of those they employ.


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Is your business covered for any losses due to COVID-19?

During this crisis, a large number of businesses in the UK have been forced to close, with profound effects on businesses across the country and on the services and hospitality sector in particular.

The insurance industry has been extremely vocal that there is no cover for any coronavirus-hit businesses during this tough financial period, but many businesses will have a claim under their policy.

We will assess whether your current cover already protects your business against the consequences of coronavirus, and then help you make a claim against your insurers

Things to think about.

When making a claim due to Coronavirus.

Notifiable Disease

Do you have cover for this (or Denial of Access) as these are common extensions for business interruption.

Is The Cover Limited?

Is cover limited in scope such as for specific diseases only or where this disease has been found at the insured premises?

Period Of Interruption

What period of interruption is covered and what is the sum insured? We can help with this when we have the documents.

Any Other Section?

Might any other section of the policy respond? Again, we can help you with this when we start discussing your case.