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There is no legal framework for how claims ought to be made under most business interruption insurance policies, but businesses considering making a claim ought to check the wording of their particular policy carefully. Some policies themselves define the procedure for making a claim.

Failing to follow the procedure set out in a policy can lead to a court siding with the insurer in the event of a refusal to pay out. If the procedure has been followed and an insurer refuses to pay out, there are a number of legal options available.

We will make sure that this is all looked after for you.

Insurance Policy

Send us your insurance policy and schedule and a qualified lawyer will review them for a fee of £199 +VAT. If you have a claim, we will send you our terms of engagement. 

Letter of Claim

We will draft a legal Letter of Claim. The sooner you can return your questionnaire the sooner our specialist solicitors can send your Letter of Claim and begin your case.

Send to Insurer

We then send the Letter of Claim to your insurance company. We will update you as to your insurer’s response once received.

Next steps

This could be a settlement, or we would advise you on the next steps, including looking at Court proceedings if necessary.

How do we help?

Covering All Bases

We can check your insurance policy.*  BII Claims can contact your business interruption insurer if you have not done so already. If you have not, then we recommend you contact your insurer as soon as possible. You can do this directly or through your insurance broker if you have one. The first process is finding out whether you have business interruption cover. In most cases we have dealt with, the insurance company or broker has denied cover.

We recommend you prepare your claim by keeping record of your circumstances such as the date you closed your business, what operations you changed in order to remain open but comply with the Government Guidelines. For example, did you only provide delivery / take away services (depending on your business)? Keep records of your financial information before and after the outbreak of COVID-19 and whether any of your staff / customers had symptoms of COVID-19 whilst at the premises. We will consider your insurance policy and schedule and thereafter fight your case with your insurer to provide cover where it should be provided.

There are various ways in which we can make your insurer confirm cover and pay your losses that are covered under the policy, including through the civil justice system of England and Wales. We are experts in this field and rest assured you are in safe hands.

*There is a non-refundable assessment fee of £199 + VAT. If we consider your claim has prospects of success we will then offer to act for you on a no win no fee basis.

Do you want to see if you are entitled to make a claim?

Business Interruption Insurance Support


We can review your insurance policy, insurance schedule and then communicate with your insurance company / insurance broker where applicable.


We will consider the response and draft / send a formal required document called a “Letter of Claim” to your insurance company to include a schedule of your losses.


We will contact your insurance company and/or your broker for confirmation of indemnity under the policy. We will keep you updated accordingly.


We will, thereafter, consider the response to the Letter of Claim and advise you on the proposed action moving forwards. We will oversee this process efficiently.

We are qualified, regulated, insured, professional and ready to help you with your claim.